Brisbane Catholic Education Enterprise Agreement

Liz Stuart, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association, has sent a letter to EU President Chris Wilkinson in support of union action taken by EU members in response to the RERAB`s refusal to include an effective arbitration clause in their latest company agreement. Stella Maris College Manly Support and Corporate Staff have signed a petition requesting a single company agreement for their school. Teachers and auxiliaries at Catholic schools in the diocese of Bathurst, in west-central NSW, and their union representatives were frustrated on Wednesday, Feb. 26, when Christina Trimble, the newly appointed executive director of the diocese`s schools, canceled short-term negotiations on a new work agreement. The current contract expired in December 2019. Professional officers, education officers and administrative staff working at the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese Catholic Schools Office (CSO) will stop working for two hours on Wednesday 20 November from 8.30am to 10.30am. Of the authorized employees who voted, 94.7 percent of the staff of the diocesan schools and 93.2 percent of the staff of the religious institute/public lawyers schools voted in favor of the agreements. The EU wants to raise wages and strengthen regulation in order to cope with the increasing pressure exerted by members on the workload as part of our demand during the ongoing round of negotiations between companies. Letters were distributed by CSO and CEO principals to 11 dioceses in NSW and ACT to Catholic school staff, where the Union`s position was openly attacked and accused of spreading lies. A few days after the vote in favour of a new company agreement, this move is a desperate attempt by the CCER to encourage its members to vote in favour of the agreement, although it jeopardizes all its working conditions and wages.

Members will recall the current Company Agreement (EA) for teachers and auxiliary staff at NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools, which expired at the end of 2016. No agreement has been reached between the EU and Catholic employers The agreement on the enterprise of Catholic systemic schools in NSW and ACT expires on 31 December this year and union members are being asked to meet and support a new demand. The union wrote to diocesan directors following constructive discussions between the union and the CERAB on establishing a new company agreement for teachers and auxiliary staff in systemic Catholic schools. A letter was distributed to Catholic school staff explaining why the agreement offered to them by Catholic employers deprives them of their basic labour rights. In January 2020, a salary increase was due for teachers in NSW and for auxiliary staff and school principals in NSW and Act. ACT teachers are to be increased from July 2020. Additional salary increases will also be granted in 2021 as part of the company agreement for teachers in public act schools and as part of bonuses for public school staff in NSW. On June 1, the Catholic Industrial Relations Commission (CCER) wrote to the union with its position on new company agreements (EAs) for teachers and support staff in about thirty independent Catholic schools covered by Model B and Model C Multi-Enterprise agreements.