India Uae Air Bubble Agreement

@indianeagle Hello I also have the same doubts, can anyone know if h1b can fly from Atlanta USA to India over LHR they can fly or there any restriction? Hi, Ani! Qatar Airways does not currently serve the United States and India. Please check India should continue to look for air bubbles to relieve the pain of the country`s airlines. The government has yet to announce a discharge measure for the sector and airline sources have made it clear that this would endanger most airlines. Hello, is the air bubble agreement between the US and India extending until November? Which airlines can I book a ticket at the end of November for flights between the UNITED STATES and India? To get people through this page, Lufthansa cancelled its flights to India in October, and I had to change my booking on United Airlines to Delhi and then Chennai. Rebooking was easier. Hi, Ranjit! It is very tricky to know if you can travel to the United States with a visa valid for 1-2 months. Please contact the nearest embassy or consulate. Yes, there are flights from Delhi to Los Angeles. Please contact our travel advisors in for the best itineraries for you. Hello, Padma. This is not the UK lockdown of the second COVID19 wave. .