Wafwp Collective Bargaining Agreement

Tonight, after 10 p.m. our General Government negotiating team reached a preliminary agreement with the State for the period 2021-2023, which allowed: Budget Articles: We extended some existing agreements with the State (Memoranda of Understanding), adapted the contractual language to be in line with the new State law and corrected some typographical errors in our current CBA. Our team negotiated on Wednesdays and Thursdays until late in the evening. We have entered into additional agreements, including one that guarantees our annual increases in stages. On 17 September, our negotiating team concluded a Provisional Agreement (TA) for the period 2021-2023. The negotiating team is in favour of the treaty and asks you to vote `yes`. What will happen next? We will return to the negotiating table on Thursday to continue negotiations on the outstanding issues. Once we have reached a final provisional agreement, it will be submitted to members for ratification. We have carried out an important process with regard to budgetary matters and continued some previous agreements, but we have not yet reached an agreement on profitability.

As we approach our legal deadline, we are asking public servants to put people first and act in a way that recognizes our commitment and sacrifices. The agreement continues our annual milestones for the two years, maintains our healthcare at 85/15, renews our telecommuting contract and much more. Our state will not recover without civil servants. We reminded the state bargaining team of the many sacrifices we have made to protect people from COVID-19 and close the budget deficit. While we recognize fiscal restraint, the state cannot emerge from a recession. This is a shared responsibility. On Monday, our government bargaining team met again with management to discuss our 2021-2023 collective agreement. Below is a brief update as well as ways to help us get a strong contract.

Your government bargaining team met with management on Monday to discuss our 2021-2023 (ABA) collective agreement. We continue to engage you at the negotiating table. .